Friday, October 10, 2008

Promote Your Blog For Free With These 10 Effective Traffic-Generating Tips

To the majority of people, a blog is simply an online journal where computer nerds, geeks, lonely teenagers or political activists record their views and thoughts in cyberspace. However, a few savvy Internet marketers have seen the true amazing potential of blogging in generating online business and sales. Blogs have been quietly revolutionizing the way business is done on the web. Now is the time to join the "blogging revolution" and to get your share of the blog profits.

The huge advantage of blogs is the ease at which non-technical people can set them up and update their blog content almost immediately. Once set up, blogs are easier to drive traffic to than regular websites. Here are some practical tips to get traffic zooming to your blog in minutes: ( for more great tips on how to promote and profit from your blog, visit )

1) Submit your blog to the regular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.

2) Also submit your blog to blog directories such as Yahoo, DMOZ, Moreover, Syndic8, Newsisfree etc. For a comprehensive list of blog directories and resources, go to

3) Find other blogs in your niche area, read them and make comments on them. Your comments must be useful and interesting to get noticed. Incorporate a link to your own blog to promote it via your posted comments.

4) Place a subscription form on your site with Bloglet. Readers who subscribe get sent a single email from Bloglet informing them of your blog updates. For more information on Bloglet subscription forms, visit

5) Pinging refers to the process by which a blogsite notifies one or more servers every time new content or material is posted on that blog. Use Ping-O-Matic to ping the blog directories. Try and do this whenever you update content. To learn more about pinging, go to

6) Make sure every page on your website has a link to your blog.

7) Also include a link to your blog on all outgoing correspondence, including emails, autoresponders, reports, sales copy etc.

8) It is important that you have an RSS feed URL that people can subscribe to. RSS( Rich Site Summary\Really Simple Syndication) is a group of file formats used by blogs and websites for creating web syndicates. RSS feeds are used to provide items containing short descriptions of web\blog content together with a link to the full version of the content. To discover how RSS readers work, visit

9) Keep posting to your blog to attract readers to return and also to recommend you to others. It's a good idea to include links to other websites, blogs and articles in your posts.

10) Regular blogging is a must. Try to add new content to your blog daily or at least weekly to attract search engine spiders and boost your ratings.

With these top blog promotion tips, you will have traffic swarming to your blogsite in record time. Make your blog the new "buzz" everyone is talking about!



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